Bob Seiple, from WhyNotBobStore, is starting a program to pick up vegetable food waste scraps. This program is starting in Swarthmore and Media, Delaware County, PA.

Have you thought about helping the environment by composting your food waste in your backyard?

It’s not that hard to do, but does require purchasing a compost bin and then adding your food waste to it plus the proper mixture of brown waste to provide it with the proper mixture for composting.

We have a solution for you if you would still like to compost your food waste and help recycle it through the natural process.

Bob Seiple of, who sells compostable products, has already been facilitating zero waste events throughout the Delaware Valley since last fall. He is now formerly announcing this service to residential customers in Delaware County via this web site. He will pick up the food waste and deliver it to a compost center for you.

He will give you a 5-gallon kitchen bucket with one or two bio bags for a set fee of between $10.00 and $15.00 per month. The price can even be lower if there are more customers. The collection will be once a month for now.

You could even considering sharing your bucket with your neighbor.

After the pilot program period the service will be expanded to include other neighboring townships and boroughs in Delaware County (like Wallingford, Springfield and Clifton Heights).

The food waste that should be placed in the bucket include: – Fruit and vegetable trimmings, egg shells, coffee grounds, coffee filters and tea bags.

Please Do Not put the following in the bucket: – Meat, fish and poultry, bones, dairy products, fatty food waste, or pet waste

Bob Seiple

If you are interested and want to find out more, please sign up here.

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